The Relationshipbetween City-dwellers and Nature

The harmonization of the relationship between the urban environment and Nature is an essential factor in the sustainable development of cities.


Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture comprises a range of soil-related activities by city-dwellers. It produces a compensatory, therapeutic, and stabilizing effect on individuals and society.



Between city-dwellers’ need for nature and the ecological damage resulting from urban sprawl, how can territories and human life be reorganised?




Development will be sustainable only if it is sustainable for all the passengers on “spaceship Earth”
UNESCO, The biosphere Conference, 1968
There is a secret war between Man and Nature: year after year, Man steals something from Nature, but Nature prevails again; and ultimately, the city never really wins; the silent danger threatens it always.
Ray Bradbury

There is in Man a strong and unconscious longing for Nature; it is so strong that it does not cease to use pitiful parodies of this Nature – gardens and even houseplants.
Nicholas Roerich